'Maharez' did not disappear, the fox knows where to go - ful

'Maharez' did not disappear, the fox knows where to go - ful

Notapor tom » 09 Feb 2018 22:42

Riyadh Maharez released a statement confirming that he has not lost Leicester City know where he is and still devoted to the club as well. After returning to practice with teammates today (Friday)

Earlier news said Mahresre was not happy with Lester rejecting Manchester's offer. City in January Even if the account was moved out of the team.

However, he returned to practice with the team. And pledged that he would be dedicated to the team as well.

In a statement from Mahrese, "Over the past 10 days, many people have claimed to be friends with me and many things they did not know about."

"From that point on, many people and journalists assumed each other without checking the story. I want to clear up those assumptions that mention why I was gone. Not true at all.

"I, or the counselor, have not released any statements about that. All these assumptions are unfounded. "

"I was always aware of where I was and realized what I was thinking. Whether from me directly or from my consultant. "

"I'm a part of Leicester. Many successful clubs have been promoted to the Premier League and are league champions. My goal is always the same and I am devoted to the hundreds when I play for the club, the fans and my teammates. "

"Those goals are still the same today and in the future. And when I was asked to be part of Leicester City, I was sure I would be fully dedicated. "

Mahjong has not been on the pitch since January 20. However, his return may mean that he will play for Leicester again in the FA. Sheffield meet Sheffield United next week

Mahrese scored eight goals and made another seven assists this season. Throughout his absence, Leicester were unable to win the league.sbobet thai
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