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Sooner or later!

NotaPublicado: 13 Feb 2018 02:46
por soksophoan
Full-back Marseille, Marseille, the superstar of Paris Saint-Germain will play for the "White King" in the future, confident the Brazilian national team will enter. With the team very well.Marcelo left the celebrity of Real Madrid, the giants of the Spanish La Liga show that one day Neymar pioneered the Paris Saint-Germain. Will move with "White King" absolutely.After being with Barcelona for 4 years, Neymar decided to move to play "Pesche" with a high value of a record 222 million euros (about 8,880 million) last summer. In the past, he was reported to be on the verge of breaking up after reporting that he has a bad relationship with many people in the team to make a miserable life in the capital of the perfume.wwwpic5678