PSG have not spent much time in Europe this year.

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PSG have not spent much time in Europe this year.

Notapor tom » 13 Feb 2018 01:23

Edison Cavani slaps the assertion that Paris Saint Germain does not need to prove their team's success with the UEFA Champions League this year. It also takes time to step up the superpower team on the European stage.

After Pesch invested a lot to put forward striker of the Neymar era, with a world record high of 222 million euros, including the Kleyon, Mickey Pear, Golden Pioneers. Boy is expected to buy up to 180 million euros this summer.

For this reason, the gurus give Pesche as one of the favorites for the UEFA Champions League, but the pressure to meet a solid duel. "White King" the old championship, but Kawee hurried out.

"I think it's not necessary for a club like Pesche to be forced to win the UEFA Champions League only by signing a contract to import some good players."

"I think there must be a story, a history, and a performance on the UEFA Champions League. It takes time to build up enough to be recognized."

"For me, I can tell that the football league in the country is very important. It is a true measure of the team throughout the season. The football cup will be another "

"The game goes to Santiago. Bernabeu is another progression of our developing team. We just hope we do well in this season. "sbobet thai
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