I'm not happy with the 'La Porte' was provocative - the Prem

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I'm not happy with the 'La Porte' was provocative - the Prem

Notapor tom » 12 Feb 2018 01:10

Pep Guardiola's manager Manchester City are unlucky embarrassed Mourinho's new defender, who has been sent off for a yellow card from the beat of midfielder Jamie Warte, center forward of Leicester City. Pepper believes that this is an invaluable lesson of expensive rearguard.

Manchester City won 5-1, but during the game was a problem. When Vardy gets a freshman playing outside, La Porte The French defender was not happy with the platoon. The last one received yellow from each of these events.

Peppa admits that he's not happy with what he's doing. It was a risk that he would be fired if the referee looked at the intent.

"It's an event I do not like at all. I hope it will not happen again. La Porte must learn that. "It's a kind of fight," Pepper said.

"He must always be aware that the backbone is an absolute must. Now he has learned more. Of course, he must be here again, so it is necessary to learn. "sbobet thai
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