How to hedge the Forex market?

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How to hedge the Forex market?

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How to hedge the Forex market?

In the Forex market, the hedge transaction is generally the same lot size as the opposite product in order not to stop out when the opened position is reversed in the market.

E.g; 1 lot USDTRY buying position is opened. The buying position starts to produce profit in the upward direction and the loss in the downward direction. In the position where the stop out level is 0.25, the guarantee 0 is closed automatically by starting from the positions where the portfolio is the most vulnerable from the level defined in the system on the trading platform. Here you are guaranteed your position against hedging by calling this and margin call.
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How is this hedge process done? With the following strategy: opening 1 lot sales position in USDTRY parity in the opposite position of 1 lot buying process. Thus your position is prevented from stopping and at the same time avoiding further damage.

The same table is not different in terms of enterprises that are importing and exporting or in high risk for commodities such as copper, cotton and gold.

Now let's go through another example:

Assuming that the company sells its products abroad, the USD / TL exchange rate is 2.90 TL while it sells at a unit cost of 27 TL and the unit price sells 100 thousand units of product with a one month term. A month later, the delivery date is $ 28 dollars. In this case, the profit of the enterprise per unit on the date of the sale agreement falls to 1 TL. Depending on the change in the exchange rate, the total profit is 100 TL less. The exporter made less profit due to market risk.

Market risk is not only about the exchange rate risk. Market risk is also carried in various commodities including gold and oil. For example, a change in raw material prices, a business using copper as a raw material to buy or sell full copper, such as the price fluctuation of samples and more can be given as an example of market risk. In this case, the planned profit is flying away because no hedge is made.
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The cost of the operation was 27 thousand TL and 2 thousand TL profit was planned. Well, can this plan keep the exchange rate. You know, the courts never stop. In this case, if the hedge was made, it could protect the operating profit or limit the loss.

Before hedging in the forex market, it is better to know the hedge strategies for the success of hedge strategies.
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