At the end of the day,

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At the end of the day,

Notapor tom » 10 Abr 2018 23:16

Gennaro Gutto, AC team coach Milano praised the bloody spirit, the fighters are in the DNA of all the players to create a miracle crushed the goal over Genoa in the last second of the injury.

The game is likely to end in a 0-0 tie to the team to score one, but then the incredible thing when the referee hurt for 4 minutes, it turns out that the last few seconds will end. Andres Silva tackles his first goal in Serie A.

However, Gattetso admits he was a bit disappointed with the reaction of the players after missing a home defeat to Arsenal in the Europa League on Thursday.

"I was thrilled to see how the team would react when they missed out on Arsenol in their own home, but we were disappointed," said the former Italian midfielder through a news agency. Sport Italia

"However, I like the identity of this team. We have to admire Genoa play really great. But we deserve to win the most. "

"I'm pleased with Andre Silva, he finally unlocked his first goal in the Serie A. It's not easy for everyone, especially with the rising stars, to wear AC Milan's uniform. "

"I heard a lot about what people say we lack strong players. So we sent Nikola Kalinis the answer, even though he missed a lot, but he was a good technician. I am confident in him and always ready to give him opportunities. "

"If you look at the table in the table, then it is. We moved closer to the goal, we have 11 last game that is important to play in the home to 7 shots, we have to win again "

At the same time, Gattuzo insisted on the shameless invasion of victory over Arsenal in the Europa League on Thursday.

"We can not guarantee that we will not visit London for a walk in the stadium. We went as a representative of the club and fully played to see what was going on. "sbobet222
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