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Ter Stegen and De Gea the best in the world: Five things we

NotaPublicado: 25 Mar 2018 02:13
por kema cooll
In a thrilling night of football, Germany and Spain played out a 1-1 draw.
International friendlies can often be tiresome and dull, but Germany and Spain put on a brilliant show in Dusseldorf, giving us a game full of wonderful attacking football สมัคร แทง บอล that only makes us wish the World Cup was coming sooner. What did we learn?
1. Iniesta the incredible
It’s clear that Andrés Iniesta is no longer the kind of presence that can dominate games every three days. He can even struggle to perform to his best every week. But when he’s had rest, or when a big game rolls around, Andrés Iniesta doesn’t so much roll back the years as gently caress them into collapsing onto a fainting couch.
He only played the first half (a precaution to maintain his physical health) but in that half of football he was incredibly dominant. He bent the match to his will in the most calm and composed way imaginable. He barely broke a sweat drifting around the field, constantly offering himself as a passing outlet when Spain were under pressure and then organising and orchestrating the sizzling Spain passing attack when his side were in possession.