Quotations = 'I told you to go to the European Championship.

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Quotations = 'I told you to go to the European Championship.

Notapor tom » 10 Abr 2018 23:17

Anderleira midfielder Spanish giants Manchester City to win the Premier League if it means that his Manchester United will be a European.

Premier League this season. 'The Blues' dropped 16 points behind the champion, while the Champions League finished 8th, but the 'Red Devils' had to win a second match with Sevilla.

"I do not care about City, I do not care if we win the Champions League. If you offer City to the Champions League, then we have the Champions. I will sign it now. "

"Many people have forgotten that this season, we still have two championship titles, the big one is the Champions League with the FA Cup, we are still in the two cups. It may be a challenge. "

"The Champions League is a very big one. If the championship is something special. But now we just think through Sevilla, because it is not easy.

"They are a tough team. We also have to work hard to qualify. But we know that this season has something to fight for a lot more. "

"I do not like the word. It's not possible, I think, is not a real word in football, because it can happen. Real City Floating There are only miracles that will make us win, but we must not give up. "

"Dream of Manchester. United are a crowd and won the championship, but if we can get a lot of points to compensate. We did not give up but 2nd place confirmed the Champions. The league is still ahead, so we have to move on. "

"Our proposition is clear. Win and win and get to the finals. This is United's goal in the next game. "

"We wanted to finish the highest rating possible, but let's not forget that there may be five more clubs in the second round. We are entering the curve of the season. The point is pointing dead. Teams must concentrate on the full field to achieve their goals. "เว็บ พนัน บอล
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