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I do not care about that.
Li Yong Hong, chairman of AC Milan, glimpsed the news of the bankruptcy.
Big Chinese executives are widely reported to have had financial problems until Monday, when news of the 'Li' came.
Bankruptcy must sell property.
Recently, Li passed the statement.
"Happy New Year to all of you. During this festival, I was at home with my family "
"Over the past 48 hours, I have seen some media reporting irrelevant fictitious rumors that my club, company, family and myself have been damaged. From the date of purchase AC Milan I faced many problems. "
"Due to these and the reportedly irresponsible news, I am determined to unravel the atmosphere in the club and the team."
"We did not understand the purpose of these allegations, but now it comes to the point where the club is severely damaged, just like the company and my family."
"Let me take this opportunity to explain, hopefully it will be the last time that my property situation is safe, and the club and my company are working hard."
"For this reason, I hope that the news that is not true will not be trusted and hope that we can return to what we care about is the management and development team. And hopefully we will all be back to coach Rino. "
"We will do everything possible to bring the club back to the top."
"This season I watched every team. In the worst of times, I saw the players crying at the time of losing. As well, I saw David Han and Marco. Fasso is delighted with the victory. I am deeply touched by all emotions. "
"We are under a lot of pressure because we believe we will be heading higher and returning to AC fans. Milan all over the world. "sbo bz sbobet :mrgreen:
"Thank you for the commitment of everyone. The team is doing well. Thanks Coach Rino And the efforts of the players. I see that the team is developing in every way. Thank you everyone. "
"Lastly, in my name, with my wife, I wish you a happy New Year, strong health. And succeed in the job. "
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