Hummmies confesses relief to the tiger brother does not hit

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Hummmies confesses relief to the tiger brother does not hit

Notapor tom » 02 Abr 2018 06:35

Mats Hummels, defender of Bayern Munich accepts the manly fact that he is very happy to know the results of the lottery, not to meet with Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

However, the center-back of the German national team insisted that even "Southern tigers" are looking forward to a great over Sevilla, but can not overlook the representative of the donkey. The Liga are able to overthrow Manchester United around the last 16 teams.

"I am well aware that the team of Erik How strong is the clopper? I've worked with a coach before. So I know his team well, "Hummels opened his mind through the famous British newspaper The Daily Mail.

"Even his team has problems with smaller teams. But it is not easy to meet with the team at the bottom half of the table. But the team's spokesman Bayer Klopp often raised the standard of play to match with the top team when the orbits meet. "

"For this reason, I do not think the rest of the team wants to face Liverpool in this hour. Because they are a very aggressive team, especially their front, they are really dangerous. "sbobet24
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