Conte' Yan to watch the real good - to be afraid of losing

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Conte' Yan to watch the real good - to be afraid of losing

Notapor tom » 04 Mar 2018 22:19

Antonio Conte, the action hero, has insisted on praising the versatility of Manchester City and admitting he was afraid Chelsea would be overwhelmed.

'Leo High' recently broke at Etihad Stadium 0-1, making the 'Blues' dominate the Premier League this season with a gap of 18 points away to 9 matches.

After the game, Conte gave an interview.


"The players tried very well, but we went through 30. In the second half we lost the door and then it was hard to come back."

"We have to find a team that is top quality. Excellent attitude We have to watch Manchester. City High "

"The encounter with City had to try not to open the space between the line and the field, because they played with the ball was amazing."

"If we did not lose the door after 30 minutes, it would have been easier for us."

In addition to the defeat, the criticism was Chelsea's play, which was a huge hit, including the slow pace of the Italian trainer.

'' We are trying to be patient, if we follow 1-0, we still have a chance to win back the door. If you open the area to the City, it is vulnerable to 3-4 balls. "

"25 points, it's a lot different. If you have to find a team that is a big part of the season that is stronger than you have to use the brain is not emotional, otherwise we may lose, which is not good for the players. "sbobet thai
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Re: Conte' Yan to watch the real good - to be afraid of losi

Notapor natthanon1602 » 10 Mar 2018 06:44


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