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Notapor love55 » 19 Feb 2018 00:45

Barnes revealed the "Phenomenon" form is not cool.
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John Barnes of Liverpool has revealed that Roberto Fiorentino is not cool enough to face the need that the manager of Bayern Klopp must go to grab a new star red card next season. Brazilian national team striker Pepe has scored 21 goals in 37 games, including all the best statistics since moving to Anfield. But still, in Barnes' view, "look. "Should not play position, the target should fall back to stand behind the shot. "I think Liverpool need more players around." The former England wing insisted through the news agency of the city's elite. Talking Sports "Three strikers did a great job, but I did not feel they were going to keep up the standard over the next two or three years." I do not think he will be a player who breaks down the gates consistently for a long time. "We are very fortunate to have players such as Salah and Sardinia come to our rescue, even though we have just beaten Hattair with Porto. I do not think they are the strikers at the door. "" I believe Liverpool need a natural goal, and Phillipino should go deeper. He is more suitable for the lower face. "
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