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Notapor love55 » 18 Feb 2018 05:41

I like the swan change atmosphere rehearsal fresh.
Georgina Vidalia, the center-forward of Liverpool's teeth, is confident that bringing the squad to Spain will keep them refreshed both physically and mentally.
"Reds" traveled to Spain immediately after the attack on FC Porto 5-0 in the Champions League. On Wednesday, they will return to Merseyside on Sunday before setting off for West Ham. United at Anfield match next.
The Dutch midfielder said: "It's different from practicing at Melwood. Melwood and Melwood, "
"It is a rhythm to the bones that we have every day. So I think it's good to do something else. To go somewhere else To new areas that bring us new things or new things. "
"Refreshing" I think this word is good. We do not have to be in the same rhythm every day. I think that's why moving to another country is a good thing. "
"In the first half. Many times you go to play for the national team. You lost to another team for a week. It's a new place, it helped a lot. "agent sbobet :mrgreen:
"But now we do it with our own team in another place. You do not just have to stay together for a few hours, but it's a whole day. For several consecutive days. It helps a lot. "
"I think it's good for the team's relationship to get to another team. I really enjoyed the team that we have brought together in another country. For me, as a player, it is quite a good thing and I think that for the team it is like that. "
"We go to a place with better weather so that you can practice well. It's so cool. "
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