The pressure of 'Pepper' humiliated the ship, the championsh


The pressure of 'Pepper' humiliated the ship, the championsh

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Pep Guardiola, the big man, "sbo" Manchester City showcase psychology, released the pressure to his followers, his team has a chance to miss the final round of the championship. And Manchester United are also likely to win the Premier League to dominate.

Manchester City are also leading the Premier League and have a gap with Manchester United, 13th in the final round with 13 points in the final round. The Pepper's team needs only 5 points to win the Premier League.

Now the sailing team lost 3 consecutive games. And the league game this weekend will have to find another rock when you go to the hot springs to Wembley.

Pepper interviewed before the team down the field by admitting that. His team also missed the championship.

"It happened. In football it is full of emotions. We now have what we do is to be committed in the game itself. "We have to start winning and Tottenham and Swansea before," Pepper said.

"It was from November to December when we were looking to win the championship. I've heard fans say that since November we have won the championship. But until now it has not happened. How will it happen when we are making a point of losing? In one week, we lost 3 times. I wanted to say that it all happened, "Pepper said.

"We need to win two more matches to secure the title. And we will try to do it. We have to deal with the pressure between the good and the evil come to us from the season. Not only now "

"The pressure to win the Championship last season is a good thing for our future. And we have to deal with it. If we do not finish everything, then Manchester United will win the Premier League. And then the only thing we can do is just say the word. Congratulations"

"Of course it happened. I'm sure Teams like Real Madrid have come across this event many years ago. They lost 6 matches and did not win the league. Now players know this. I do not want to charge them. "แทง บอล sbobet
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