"Miranda" is just bad


"Miranda" is just bad

Notapor tom » 21 Abr 2018 23:37

Guerrilla Mirror, the key man of the "snake" Inter. Milan are always considered to be a bad match for the season.

Atalanta did better in the first half before Inter improved their form at half-time at the Bergamo, but ended in a knockout.

"It was always a bad result. We play well but we want to win here, "Miranda said.

"It's not good enough, because in this season we have to get 3 points, we all have to work harder since the quarterback leaned forward."

"It's not enough to return to the Champions League, we have to do more."

There was a moment where Miranda was cramping and Andrea. Raquelia is ready to take the field instead of Pabo. Gomes striker Atalanta, who joked to Inter's team to change him.

"He wanted me out because I was doing well, but at the bench. They do not care "www sbobet
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