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Patrice Vieira, legendary midfielder, said he might one day be interested in becoming a manager at Arsenal. But it is said that Arsene Wayne has the right to decide when he should put his hand.
Vieira, who has been coaching for New York City since 2016, said he loves and respects Wayne, who is under pressure to act as manager of Arsenal.ลิ้ ง sbo :mrgreen:
"Guns" will miss the Top Four for the second consecutive season. And it seems to have won the Europa League to grab the quota back to the Champions League.
"I think if it's the end of the story. He will be the first to see that, "said Vieira.
"And I would like to add that, from everything he has done to the club, what he has created and what he has acquired, he is justified enough to decide on his own position. He made the decision himself. "
When asked if he was interested in taking the position at Arsenal? Vera replied. I can say that one day I may be interested. But one day,
"I can not say much anymore because there is nothing to talk about. And I do not want to make Arsene the one I love and respect very much. "
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