EDF wowed the wolves to take the full ten points.


EDF wowed the wolves to take the full ten points.

Notapor tom » 13 Mar 2018 22:53

Ueshiba Bianco Di Francesco, the manager of the Roma team revealed the success of the Chucatade da Nete was successful waiting for the players to play wrong and then finish the sentence.

Although the first leg of the first defeat to the 1-2 defeat, but Jerry, Rossi saw that his team does not need to accelerate the game, just try to keep pressure on the opposite and miss the wrong way. Really

"My team has been playing with a stubbornness in this game so far, sometimes lacking quality in the penalty area. But we know it's not too late, they have to miss it. We are ready to make the punishment, "the Francesco told tips through the premium TV channel set.

"We were very little in the first leg and Chuck was missing a lot from the system. I think we did a lot better. We show a good playing attitude. "

"What I like most in the dressing room is that I see the victory bringing together the crowd. We have to be consistent and want to play in the UEFA Champions League deep. "

"Of course, if you score on the attitude of the players, Roma. I scored a full 10. But in terms of playing technique, I asked 6.5, but that is because my team must follow the tags I place. "

When asked whether the next round of the 8th will be held on Friday, I want to meet Roma or do not play with anyone. Head coach Jolfo Rossi avoided the reply.

"I want to keep the dream in the championship. League with the Roma team for the longest "sbobet thai
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