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Duff and Phelps Financial Advisor Company Revealed that Manchester United are refusing to pour money into the club's £ 26 million a year from the sale of the Old Course title. In the past,
Such figures are more than those at Manchester. City received from Tuitung The stadium is worth £ 7 million a year, based on a study of the club's football pitch. :mrgreen: pic5678 :mrgreen: The report says that market value is now 80 percent higher than in 2013, from 74.6 million pounds to 135.6 million pounds last year. The club "Big Six" can pitch more than 3 in 4.
However, the Red Devils have confirmed several times that they have no desire to sell their 75,000-capacity stadium titles and that the position has not changed.
The study found that Stamford Stadium Bridge has the third highest value at £ 18 million per year, while the new White Hart Lane is valued at £ 15.5 million per year more than the Emirate's. Current stadium
Liverpool's Anfield is worth £ 11.1m due to the fact that the old stadium title does not attract sponsors because there are fewer people to call the new stadium, just like the old one. Trafford
The obvious evidence is that selling the stadium title in the Americas Sponsors rarely want to buy the name of the old stadium or ever sold to another sponsor. And the new stadium will attract more copyright value.
Summarize the value of the top six league clubs in the Premier League.
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